Welcome to TAB Training & Consulting, LLC

We specialize in working with entrepreneurs, small business owners, community-based organizations (such as social-service organizations, religious institutions, and city-sponsored resources organizations to identify and address the technological literacy needs of businesses, the community, and of its residents.

2016 Open House Event a the microsoft store - Overland Park, KS

2016 Open House Event a the microsoft store - Overland Park, KS

Our Approach

 In pursuit of this mission, we will abide by key principles espoused by our founder:

  • Identify opportunities where application of the company’s people, ideas, and capital can benefit society in significant and measurable ways.

  • Develop innovative, research-based programs leading to practical, sustainable solutions that are widely accepted and implemented.

  • Treat our virtual learning community as a program incubator where feasible, in which new approaches can be tried and tested before being disseminated nationally.

  • Partner with other entities to leverage our resources and capabilities while avoiding the creation of dependency.

The TAB Experience


You get more than “computer training” when you attend a TAB Training & Consulting, LLC program or webinar session.  You get a comfortable learning environment, first-rate technology information, and sound advice on the benefits of technology literacy.  We use a non-intimidating environment to establish the importance of using Microsoft Office Suite applications as a tool for becoming an efficient, effective and productive, user of technology.  We want the “TAB Experience” to create a stress and anxiety-free place to learn new technology and computer skill

 Our Mission

To help individuals attain economic independence by advancing their human capital through technology literacy and increasing employment/entrepreneurial opportunities, consistent with the aspirations of our founder, Troy A. Burgher.

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Our Vision

To build the human capital of people within a virtual community of technologically self-sufficient individuals.