About the Rose L. Hamilton Virtual Technology Center



Where the |”TABExperience” originated!

Where the |”TABExperience” originated!

The Rose L. Hamilton Virtual Technology Center [or RLHVTC) is the brainchild of the Troy A. Burgher, who wanted to capture the essence of his late grandmother (Rose L. Hamilton) who, along with his mother (Brenda Timms) instilled in him the concept of community and the motivation to always dedicate time to “giving back”. Mrs. Hamilton was instrumental in providing the youth in the community of Far Rockaway, Queens (NYC) with activities within the community, bus trips outside of the community, and a safe place for them to live. Often times she would have BBQ’s where all were invited to enjoy good music and food, while also remaining highly active in politics that affected the community by working with local politicians, school officials, and even law enforcement. It is the desire of Mr. Troy A. Burgher to pass on these same caring, considerate, and meaningful efforts he witnessed from both his grandmother and mother growing up in what was a pretty tough neighborhood through a virtual environment.

The Rose L. Hamilton Virtual Technology Center is a membership-based virtual community where Troy is committed to making his professional services affordable, high in quality and content with the intent of providing technology literacy training and support to assist with the development of efficient, effective, and productive users of technology. The training courses and webinars are designed to offer individuals with the ability to increase his/her employment opportunities by enhancing one’s human capital, technology literacy skills, and most importantly providing a platform to overcome the fear and anxiety that many feel when it comes to computers and technology. It is the hope and vision of Mr. Burgher to establish, in the near future, brick-and-mortar technology community centers in neighborhoods where such resources and support are scarce or non-existent; the first of such a facility will be the former residence of his grandmother, Rose L. Hamilton.


Below is a summary of what the Rose L. Hamilton Virtual Technology Center will offer:

  • Affordable membership fee

  • Microsoft Office Suite / Office 365 Training Courses

  • Specialty webinars

  • Discounts & coupons for selective services

  • 24-7 excellent virtual support and member services


The RLHVTC will be hosted and accessible through a password-protected web site that only members will have access to in order to enjoy the special benefits of membership and the TABCommunity.


Classes Start - Monday, April 8, 2019