Who is Troy A. Burgher?


Microsoft Certified Professional / Microsoft Innovative Educator

Professional Staff Development - Employee On-boarding & Coaching featuring Microsoft Office / Office 365 Applications

My Personal Summary

Creating efficient, effective, and productive users of technology is what drives my passion for teaching and empowering individuals to overcome their fear and anxiety of technology and computers.

I am a former resident of Edgemere Houses, which is part of the New York City Housing Authority, located in Far Rockaway, Queens [New York City].  Ever since I stood in for a computer trainer and “guru” at the Beacon Program of a local community center within my neighborhood more than 25 years ago, I’ve developed a passion for sharing my knowledge of computers and software applications with residents of inner-city communities; desktop applications such as word processing and spreadsheet programs.  Often times, inner-city communities lack technology and computer literacy resources, overshadowed by sports and craft-related activities.  This is what motivated me toward my life-long pursuit to bridge the technology literacy gap that exists in the inner-city community.  23+ years later of freelance training, facilitating technology literacy workshops, and developing training programs has given me solid practical experience in working with and motivating beginner and novice users; transforming them into more efficient, effective and productive users of technology and computers. Thus allowing me to develop into a creative problem solver that designs simple and user-friendly solutions; incorporating Microsoft Office Suite applications as the core learning component.

I have spent thousands of hours studying, designing and implementing the use of Microsoft Office Suite applications as an employee of organizations within the Non-profit, Education, Hospitality/Amusement Park and Technology Training industries.  I have spent the better part of 28 years incorporating desktop applications as a way to increase the efficient, effective and productive use of technology to enhance not only my work performance, but also those within my immediate department and organizationally, while employed in such areas as finance, computer training, account management and youth entrepreneurship advocacy.   

My Business Summary

I am the Founder and Owner of TAB Training & Consulting, LLC which was created to share my knowledge, expertise and experience towards bridging the technology literacy gap.  As a Microsoft Innovative Educator and a Microsoft Certified Professional, with instructor credentials for the Microsoft Office Suite of Applications, I am able to devote my passion and experience to helping community-based organizations, entrepreneurs and beginner/novice users of computers to become more efficient, effective and productive users of technology and computers.

The goal of TAB Training & Consulting, LLC is to bridge the technology literacy gap that exists in the home, in the business sector and in the neighborhoods of economically disadvantaged communities.  We will accomplish this by building the human capital of individuals through technology literacy… one resident, one business, and one community at a time; thus helping individuals become more efficient, effective and productive users of information and technology driving economic growth in their respective communities.

The objective of TAB Training & Consulting, LLC is to provide individuals with the necessary and essential technology and employability skill sets and information for them to become technologically self-sufficient.  Individuals will then possess the ability to quickly put into practice the skills and knowledge gained as a result of our project-based training programs and services. We will assist individuals in overcoming their fear and anxiety of working with computers and challenge them to learn new software applications and how to best apply this knowledge to complete daily tasks and routines within the workplace.  We will partner with community-based social-service organizations, religious institutions, and locally-sponsored organizations to identify and address the technological literacy needs of the community and of its residents.