5 Tools That Will Enhance Your Job Search Campaign

“Often, we ONLY think about these desktop applications as the tools we need to know when it

pertains to completing tasks once we get the job. Why not take the time, during your job search

campaign, to increase and/or enhance your knowledge and comfort in working with these five

Microsoft Office Suite applications? The best part of making these five applications a part of

your job search campaign is that you make yourself familiar with the applications (building up your

confidence), but you are also learning more about each application and the specific tasks that

each application was initially designed to perform…but you can also begin entertaining the thought

of how to use each Microsoft Office Suite application in an “outside-the-box approach”…at the

end of the day it is usually about getting a task completed in the most efficient, effective, and

productive way possible.“ – Troy A. Burgher, Owner – TAB Training & Consulting, LLC

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