Workplace Collaboration: So many options to choose from, which is the RIGHT one?


The benefit of working in the Cloud, working in the “modern workplace”, or working remotely all boils down to having access to what you need & want, and what you prefer to use to access that information.  For example, when I am working from my home office I PREFER to work on my desktop computer (gives my laptop a “break” as I have been know to wear out a laptop or two in my time [LOL]); using my laptop when I am working in a “remote” office arrangement (at the library or a coffee shop).  I generally bring my tablet when I am participating in a face-to-face meeting and I always have my mobile phone with me for that impromptu meeting with a potential client or chance encounter with someone that I have been trying to catchup with and find myself in the same line with that person at a local coffee shop or grocery store. 

The key to all of this working is the connection that all of my “resource devices” share which allows me to be “in the moment” that I need to be with access to the information that I need while in that moment.  This includes the ability to work with business associates, strategic business partners, and clients for what appears to them to be a seamless workplace collaboration; no matter where I am as long as I have one of my devices and access to the Internet.

What is your preferred device when conducting business?