Are you "mobile office" ready?

Do you have the ability to perform business-related tasks away from your main office? You just never know when you will need to capitalize on a business opportunity or just need a change of environment!

My “mobile office” configuration…

My “mobile office” configuration…

Ten things I bring with me in case I need to conduct business from my "mobile office":

  1. Laptop (w/USB hub)

  2. Additional USB Monitor

  3. Portable Printer (w/paper)

  4. iPad Mini w/headphones (my source of music)

  5. Portable Scanner

  6. Water Bottle

  7. Hot Beverage Cup (w/hot tea)

  8. Mobile Phone (w/charger)

  9. Surge Protector (not shown in picture)

  10. Laptop Bag w/Wheels (not shown in picture)