Rose L.. Hamilton Virtual Technology Center - Open House

Join me, Troy A. Burgher [Owner of TAB Training & Consulting, LLC] for our 2019 Rose L. Hamilton Virtual Technology Center Open House Event.  Since our initial launch on 2/2/18, we have experienced life's obstacles such as the relocation of my family to a different state, the moving of the business to a different state, and some personal health issues.  Through it all, I am even more determined and motivated to launch this 15-year old dream of mine.  The idea originated from my wanting to recognize the efforts of my late grandmother, Rose L. Hamilton, toward enhancing the lives and conditions of individuals living in her socially and economically challenged community of Queens (NY); with a special passion for providing the youth with exposure to things outside of their community.  This is my way of honoring my grandmother, Rose L. Hamilton, as a key motivator toward the person that I have become as it relates to community awareness and development.

For the year 2019, one of the main objectives for TAB Training & Consulting, LLC is to reach individuals, residing in inner-city communities, through the Internet, using various virtual learning platforms and through social media.  I am looking forward to establishing relationships with local small businesses, community-based organizations, and religious institutions to offer our services that will create a community of individuals with increased technology literacy skills toward becoming more efficient, effective, productive users of technology; serving as motivation to become more employable, better students, and pursue entrepreneurially inspired goals. 

It is my hope that this Open House event will spark the beginning of our “TABCommunity” movement where individuals are bonded, not by a physical location, but more importantly by the very essence of my grandmother’s spirit of people helping one another and thus building a community that thrives of positivity, support, and respect.

Please join me on 3/11/19 to jumpstart the Rose L Hamilton Virtual Technology Center to open new doors for individuals through the enhancement of his/her technology literacy.