"Give the Gift of Knowledge"

TABRadio Broadcast [12/16/18]:

Welcome to BlogTalkRadio’s “TAB Radio” for Sunday, December 16, 2018. I’m your host, Troy A. Burgher, coming to you live from the grand state of Texas on a cloudy Sunday afternoon at 1:00 PM CST.

We’ve got another fantastic show for you this afternoon. Today we are discussing the issue of “gift giving” during the holiday season.  Do something different this holiday season by giving someone a gift that will keep giving.  Give the gift of knowledge that will provide a long-lasting benefit and also grow in value over time.  Today so much effort and time are spent on being “in the moment”, with very little time spent on planning for the future.  Everything has to happen now!  "I want an answer to my work issue by clicking on this phone app – now!"  Or, "I want a job paying more money because I want to live a certain lifestyle – now! Or, even better, I want the raise and promotion (that someone else worked hard to acquire) - now!  Even though I feel I am the right candidate, so what I didn’t take the employee advancement courses at work that would have qualified me for the raise and promotion."  I am sure that you've heard all of these scenarios before, ones that I have come across as a trainer with over 25 years of employee training and working as a freelancer facilitating computer literacy/Microsoft Office Application classes.  Why not take this opportunity to empower someone (family member, friend, or co-worker) to help them help themselves?  Show them you really care by empowering them to invest in building up their technology literacy?  Give that person the “Gift of Knowledge” this holiday season.

“So, you are probably thinking, what would you suggest, Troy?”  Well, let’s begin with a brief summary of last week’s broadcast where I discussed the change in technology literacy in the workplace, especially in an office-based environment.  No longer is it based on the ability to "use" a computer, a printer, a copy machine, and a fax machine in order to perform his/her daily job duties. So much has changed since then, especially when it comes to administrative-type tasks and duties that were once the sole responsibility of the administrative department or staff within an organization.  Let’s finish this conversation after this small break and message about an upcoming TAB Training & Consulting, LLC Event.

Interlude (break) - 30 sec:  Event Announcement – Open House on 12/18/18

 Let’s focus on the individual for a minute and how it relates to the concept of giving a gift of knowledge during this holiday season.

For the person that finds he/she in career transition seeking gainful employment, pursuing career advancement, or looking to change industries, one set of skills that are mistakenly overlooked are Microsoft Office application skills.  The part that gets overlooked is the misconception that being able to recognize an application or having “some” experience in working with the Suite of applications is what hiring managers, temp agencies and companies are looking for employee prospects to have.  When instead, it is the ability of the individuals to work efficiently, effectively, and productively within the entire Microsoft Office Suite of applications. 

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It is this promotion that recognizes training on these Microsoft Office Suite applications (including Office 365) is a gift that will keep giving and empowering that individual to continue striving to reach the level of success that they have always envisioned.