Workplace Collaboration: So many options to choose from, which is the RIGHT one?


The benefit of working in the Cloud, working in the “modern workplace”, or working remotely all boils down to having access to what you need & want, and what you prefer to use to access that information.  For example, when I am working from my home office I PREFER to work on my desktop computer (gives my laptop a “break” as I have been know to wear out a laptop or two in my time [LOL]); using my laptop when I am working in a “remote” office arrangement (at the library or a coffee shop).  I generally bring my tablet when I am participating in a face-to-face meeting and I always have my mobile phone with me for that impromptu meeting with a potential client or chance encounter with someone that I have been trying to catchup with and find myself in the same line with that person at a local coffee shop or grocery store. 

The key to all of this working is the connection that all of my “resource devices” share which allows me to be “in the moment” that I need to be with access to the information that I need while in that moment.  This includes the ability to work with business associates, strategic business partners, and clients for what appears to them to be a seamless workplace collaboration; no matter where I am as long as I have one of my devices and access to the Internet.

What is your preferred device when conducting business?

Benefits of Workplace Collaboration

So, why is workplace collaboration so important? Here is a list of benefits that I shared during a recent presentation I did on a workplace collaboration product that my client is using.

Can you add one to the list?

Are you currently promoting workplace collaboration both within the office and to remote employees?


What is Workplace Collaboration?

It is slowly becoming apparent to me that no matter how "great" at your job you may be, true success comes from the ability to create and maintain positive relationships with others; most importantly how well you work efficiently, effectively, and productively together toward a common goal. Workplace collaboration is not a new term; however, it has changed due to the available technology, today's "new" modern workplace, and the countless opportunities to work as freelancers. Below, you will find how I view workplace collaboration. How would you define workplace collaboration?


Memorial Day - ONLY Special

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Make your accountant/taxpreparer happy in 2020

Make your accountant/taxpreparer happy in 2020

5/19/19 - TABRadio Broadcast: “Enough Already! No More Excuses – It’s Time to Get Organized!”

So, I remember being told by my mom “everything has a place and therefore makes it easy to find and easier to put back in its proper place.”  Little did I know that this would be my first lesson in becoming an organized person and professional that I am today. I think I drive my wife crazy with it sometimes and is the one common trait that I am known for possessing by my professional colleagues. 

Get Organized_Image 01.jpg

 One thing I learned early on in my journey as an entrepreneur, which began more than 25 years ago, is the importance of being organized; not just for myself, but more importantly for my business clients & training students.  The only thing that has changed over the many years are the tools that I use to stay organized; both within my business and how I operate outside of my business wither at a client’s location or even in a classroom setting.  I'll be sharing during the broadcast more about an "organizational" tool that I use on a regular basis starting with my #1 tool for keeping me organized and that is the application – Microsoft OneNote.

 Food for Thought: Imagine purchasing an item and the instructions are missing from the box.  What will you do?  Here are two options; forge ahead using the picture on the box as a guide, bring the item back to the store, or use the Internet to search for and download the instructions.  Why is this important?  The instructions are organized in such a way that if followed, it will yield the best chance of success in putting together the item the way it was intended to be completed.  Without the instructions (a series of detailed [organized & planned] steps telling how something should be done) the desired results may not be achieved.

Rose L.. Hamilton Virtual Technology Center - Open House

Rose L.. Hamilton Virtual Technology Center - Open House

Honoring my grandmother during Women's History Month, by facilitating an Open House Event of a business project in her name, the Rose L. Hamilton Virtual Technology Center whose virtual doors will finally open providing technology and computer literacy courses.

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5 Tools That Will Enhance Your Job Search Campaign

5 Tools That Will Enhance Your Job Search Campaign

Take the time, during your job search campaign, to increase and/or enhance your knowledge and comfort in working with these 5 Microsoft Office Suite applications…it will only benefit you in the long run. Click here to read more.

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"Give the Gift of Knowledge"

TABRadio Broadcast [12/16/18]:

Welcome to BlogTalkRadio’s “TAB Radio” for Sunday, December 16, 2018. I’m your host, Troy A. Burgher, coming to you live from the grand state of Texas on a cloudy Sunday afternoon at 1:00 PM CST.

We’ve got another fantastic show for you this afternoon. Today we are discussing the issue of “gift giving” during the holiday season.  Do something different this holiday season by giving someone a gift that will keep giving.  Give the gift of knowledge that will provide a long-lasting benefit and also grow in value over time.  Today so much effort and time are spent on being “in the moment”, with very little time spent on planning for the future.  Everything has to happen now!  "I want an answer to my work issue by clicking on this phone app – now!"  Or, "I want a job paying more money because I want to live a certain lifestyle – now! Or, even better, I want the raise and promotion (that someone else worked hard to acquire) - now!  Even though I feel I am the right candidate, so what I didn’t take the employee advancement courses at work that would have qualified me for the raise and promotion."  I am sure that you've heard all of these scenarios before, ones that I have come across as a trainer with over 25 years of employee training and working as a freelancer facilitating computer literacy/Microsoft Office Application classes.  Why not take this opportunity to empower someone (family member, friend, or co-worker) to help them help themselves?  Show them you really care by empowering them to invest in building up their technology literacy?  Give that person the “Gift of Knowledge” this holiday season.

“So, you are probably thinking, what would you suggest, Troy?”  Well, let’s begin with a brief summary of last week’s broadcast where I discussed the change in technology literacy in the workplace, especially in an office-based environment.  No longer is it based on the ability to "use" a computer, a printer, a copy machine, and a fax machine in order to perform his/her daily job duties. So much has changed since then, especially when it comes to administrative-type tasks and duties that were once the sole responsibility of the administrative department or staff within an organization.  Let’s finish this conversation after this small break and message about an upcoming TAB Training & Consulting, LLC Event.

Interlude (break) - 30 sec:  Event Announcement – Open House on 12/18/18

 Let’s focus on the individual for a minute and how it relates to the concept of giving a gift of knowledge during this holiday season.

For the person that finds he/she in career transition seeking gainful employment, pursuing career advancement, or looking to change industries, one set of skills that are mistakenly overlooked are Microsoft Office application skills.  The part that gets overlooked is the misconception that being able to recognize an application or having “some” experience in working with the Suite of applications is what hiring managers, temp agencies and companies are looking for employee prospects to have.  When instead, it is the ability of the individuals to work efficiently, effectively, and productively within the entire Microsoft Office Suite of applications. 

Interlude (break) - 30 sec: “Give the Gift of Knowledge” 8 days before Christmas promotion.  Check out our blog page or our business page on Facebook to learn more about this promotion.  Purchase a TABVirtual Gift Certificate TODAY!

It is this promotion that recognizes training on these Microsoft Office Suite applications (including Office 365) is a gift that will keep giving and empowering that individual to continue striving to reach the level of success that they have always envisioned.

The Origin of Professor TAB - Part II

As I previously stated, it all began one hot evening during the summer of 1992.  There I was sitting in one of the local (Far Rockaway, Queens) community center classrooms preparing for my entrepreneurship class.  The instructor and owner of the program, Mr. K., began the class every evening with a motivational phrase that we would repeat at the beginning and at the end of the class.  The energy in the class was very high even though there were few people in attendance.  This was a shock to me due to the fact that many of the neighborhood residents often complained about the lack of educational resources available in the community center.  Classes were two hours long and we always had some type of homework to complete before the next class.  Six weeks later I received my entrepreneurship certificate after completing and submitting my very first business plan; it must have been a total of 10 pages long (double-spaced).  The business concept I created included typing resumes, school papers, and creating desktop publishing materials for local businesses.  For the first time I felt truly empowered to take control of my life, while embracing my new career path as an entrepreneur. Working at the local supermarket was no longer the goal, even though I managed to become one of the youngest assistant grocery managers there in less than a 2-year period. 

Mr. K. hired me as one of his assistants where I handled all of his company’s computer and graphical responsibilities.   Graduation from the program also bonded me with the gentleman that was passing out the flyers in front of the community center; his name was Mr. J.  He worked for New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) and also accepted me as his mentee.  His mentorship was instrumental in exposing me to the youth entrepreneurship movement within NYCHA and New York City in general.

My first experience as a presenter happened in 1993 at a city-wide youth conference sponsored by Youth Force, a youth-based organization that promoted youth empowerment in New York City.  I remember being nervous, even with Mr. K. in the room with me, because of the 40 screaming and restless young adults.  Our workshop was about entrepreneurship and we discussed ideas on how they could start their own businesses.  The young adults were very excited and truly embraced the concept of starting their own candy store or t-shirt business.  I remember feeling my confidence growing after getting that workshop under my belt, but now I had to prepare for the big arena.  Within a few months I was heading down to Baltimore, Maryland to be a co-presenter at the First National Youth Entrepreneur Symposium.  I was so excited with the opportunity to travel outside of New York City for my first business trip and to be a part of a growing phenomenon that was exploding all throughout the country – youth entrepreneurship.  

During this same time period, New York City experienced significant changes within its inner-city communities such as new educational and technology-based programs (something other than the typical sports-based programs).  This seemed to be the direct result of NYC having its first and only African-American major, the Honorable David N. Dinkins (1990-1993).   Inner-city communities were growing with a buzz about youth entrepreneurship and business ownership.  The concept of “grassroots” pride and empowerment was growing at a rapid rate and I had my grandmother to be thankful for she instilled in me early on in my life such values and now I had a platform on which to grow.

The Origin of Professor TAB - Part I

My name is Troy Anthony Burgher [aka Professor TAB]; a self-proclaimed “Accidental Socialpreneur” of technology training” (I’ll share more about that later).  I am a former resident of the New York City Housing Development and that is where it all began!  Little did I know that I was about to embark on a journey that would become my career and life’s mission!  

It all started one hot summer afternoon after playing basketball with a few of my friends from the neighborhood.  Standing in front of the local community center stood a very distinguished gentleman wearing a suit and passing out flyers.  I am not sure what caught my eye the most…was it the fact that some unknown person was passing out flyers or that the individual was wearing a suit in 100-degree weather?  

So, I left my friends to inquire and to satisfy my curiosity.  I asked the gentleman why he was passing out flyers and he informed me that it was to announce a new business program at the local community center.  He mentioned that it was a course that taught people how to become business owners and entrepreneurs.  I am sure that I heard of the word entrepreneur before but asked the gentleman to explain what it meant.  He proceeded to tell me that it was simply an individual that went into business to sell a product or service rather than with partners or employees; a kind of one-person operation.  The gentleman would also go on to state that the class taught people how to make money doing something that they like to do, like a hobby, but would get paid for the things they sold or services they offered.  We talked for about 30 minutes and he invited me into the community center to meet the instructor (and business owner) of the training program to talk more about the class and to see if I would register.  It was really a no brainer…once the gentleman mentioned that I could make money doing something that I like to do, like one of my hobbies, all I needed to know was where to sign up.

We proceeded to enter the community center where I would meet the instructor and owner of the business program. He was also dressed in a suite and shared more information about the program. Wow…two people in the middle of the summer dressed in suits…that was a rarity in my community. 

I was a bit embarrassed as I was sitting there still sweating from playing basketball just 30 minutes before meeting both gentlemen.  Wishing I had showered and changed my clothes before entering the community center.  I could tell he was able to see how uncomfortable I was and reassured me that everything was OK.  He appreciated the fact that I stopped by and did not let that stop me from inquiring about the business program.

We continued our conversation, discussing my hobbies and how they could be developed into a potential business.  At the time I was caught up in the world of “hip-hop” music and working with computers.  Imagine if I would have been able to combine, back in 1994, the two hobbies into one career…anyway, I shared how interested I was in the program and I signed up right on the spot.  The classes were held during the evening and the next one would occur later that night. So, I had time to go home, take a short nap, eat and prepare for my first class on entrepreneurship.  I was very excited and anxious to begin learning how to make money doing what I loved to do (either with music or using computers).