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Core Services:

: Specialized Technology Workshops and Seminars

: Microsoft Office Application Training Programs

: MOS Certification Training Prep Services

: Community-based initiatives to Bridge the Technology Literacy Gap

Core Services:

: Internet-based Training/Tutoring
[via Virtual Meeting Platform]

: Rose L. Hamilton Virtual Technology Center

: Membership-based Computer Learning Resources

: Basic Computer Literacy & Microsoft Office Suite


: Learn exactly, what you want, how you want and when you want...with a Personal Touch.

: Personalized training solution with the ultimate unique learning environment; while maximizing your time and minimizing your costs.



Peer Groups:

: Personalized training solution for peer groups (consisting of a max of 5 individuals).

: Training designed for multiple users that are interested co-learning the same material at the same time.

: Designed to build a team of users that can support one another during and after the training session. Each session also incorporates such learning objectives as team and leadership building.

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Core Services:

: Training & Webinars/Workshops for:

 Virtual Administrative Assistants

 Entry-Level Admin/Office Support Positions

: Workforce Development feat. Tech Literacy for Unemployed & Underemployed Individuals

TABTutors Standard Training
Microsoft Office Application
Microsoft Office Version

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