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MYPF Learning Program

What is MYPF?

MYPF or Manage Your Personal Finances is an E2P* Learning Program designed by TAB Training & Consulting, LLC to address two issues that face many individuals which are personal finance management and computer literacy.  The MYPF Training Program course introduces Microsoft Excel concepts through the development of creating, managing and analyzing one’s personal finances.  The end result is a more effective, efficient and productive user of technology that better understands his/her financial spending.


What is the Ultimate Vison of the MYPF Learning Program?

My vision is to provide individuals with the confidence to embrace the importance of technology literacy and personal finances as essential tools for becoming self-sufficient in the management of their financial status.


Try Out the Demo Module - TODAY! (click here for 7 min. video)

There are four modules within the MYPF Series, of which, the Demo Module provides a sneak peak into the MYPF Learning Program.  It is a simple “data-entry” based introduction to the program that will allow YOU to see how various Microsoft Excel concepts can be combined to create a tool for tracking personal expenses and income.  The demo module, a short exercise that incorporates basic, intermediate, and advanced Excel elements as a tool which, shows you how and where your money is being spent. Thus allowing YOU to make future financial decisions like saving for a rainy day or planning your next family vacation.

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