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December 2014

Webinar Wednesday Series


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12/3/14 (Wed) @ 6:30 PM

“Achieving Workplace Success”


12/10/14 (Wed) @ 6:30 PM
“Achieving Business Success”


12/17/14 (Wed) @ 6:30 PM
“Achieving Personal Success”


12/22/14 (Mon) @ 6:30 PM
“Achieving Academic Success”

5 Reasons to Increase Your computer Literacy

1) Investment in YOUR Self Sufficiency

2) Enhance YOUR Human Capital

3) Investment in YOUR Career/Business

4) Demonstrate YOUR Value to Employer

5) Discover YOUR Dream Job/Career Path


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Rounded Rectangle: I am an individual that:
Is seeking employment requiring basic computer skills
Has a job requiring the use of Microsoft Office 
Has recently purchased new computer/laptop
Rounded Rectangle: I am a new entrepreneur/start-up business owner that:
Needs temporary office work (help w/special projects)
Wants staff trained on Microsoft Office applications
Needs help with spreadsheets, presentations, & docs
Rounded Rectangle: I am a community organization (leader) that wants to:
Increase employment opportunities for my residents
Create a technology literacy program for my community
Prepare youth for office-related employment
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December 2014 “Pass the Word” Bulletin

End-of-Year Special
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