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Decrease your stress and anxiety in the workplace by increasing your knowledge of Microsoft Excel!

Start-up Business Owners/Entrepreneurs

Get the help you need with your basic office needs!

Are you a Community-based Organization looking to Implement a Computer Training Program within the  Community that you Serve?


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4/7/14 (Mon) @ 6:30 PM

GLC Tech Week - Excel Training


4/9/14 @ 8:00 PM
Webinar Wednesday

“Manage Your Personal Finances- Overview”


4/12/14 (Sat) @ 12:00 PM

GLC Tech Week - Excel Training


4/13/14 @ 3 PM & 4/14/14 @ 8 PM

Virtual Open Houses

“Learn more about TABTC, LLC”


Manage Your Personal Finances (MYPF)


Virtual Course Begins

Wednesday, May 7th @ 7PM

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10 Basic Things You
Should Know When Using Microsoft Excel


1) Sorting (single & multi level)

2) Conditional Formatting

3) Sum (formula)

4) If (Formula)

5) Text Wrapping

6) Hyperlinks

7) Filters

8) Format Painter

9) AutoSum

10) Hiding Columns, Rows & Worksheet Tabs


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